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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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        Product characteristics
        Wisdom Guardian calmly respond to sudden power failure
        UPS automatic power supply guard equipment and data security when city power is interrupted or abnormal. At the same time, the intelligent "droplet" alarm is activated, and there is no need to worry about the huge loss caused by sudden power failure.
        Top-grade, environmentally friendly materials, high-quality casting safety
        The shell is made of ABS plastics and high-quality environmental protection and high-strength flame retardant materials, high-standard three-core power supply input wires certified by the State 3C, high-precision circuit board design, environmental protection and safety, and more reliable quality.
        Ultra Wide Voltage/Frequency Input Stable and Reliable
        Ultra-wide voltage/frequency input range, easy to deal with harsh power environment, stable and reliable power supply.
        Take the lead in introducing PWM technology with small stature and high energy
        It is the first to introduce high-frequency PWM technology with advanced magnetic component design. It has smaller size, lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, longer discharge, fewer calorific value, and the reliability and usability of the whole machine have been greatly improved. It can be used with generators.
        MCU High Speed Processor Integrated Control is More Efficient
        Built-in MCU powerful real-time processing chip, integrated control of the operation of the whole machine, efficient, accurate, reliable, flexible, and comprehensively improve load security.
        Super surge protection and easy response to surge damage
        Built-in high-power absorption devices, surge protection, efficient filtering of various grid interference, easy to deal with lightning, grid deterioration caused by surge damage.
        The intimate silence design also gives you a quiet environment
        Filtering and noise reduction isolation technology, less than 40 decibels of silent design (equivalent to the library, reading room environment), but also you a quiet office, life, learning environment.
        Slim fashion appearance easy to operate
        Simple panel, thin fuselage, small size, simple operation, let you have a fashionable appearance, save more space, use more convenient.

        CONTACT US

        Contact:Manager Li


        Add: No. 8, 72 gemstone Road, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong