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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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        Shante UPS power supply is an UPS uninterruptible power supply product produced by Shante in Shenzhen, China. Its models cover backup UPS, online UPS, online interactive UPS, modular UPS and other monitoring products. In the same industry market popularity and acceptance rate is higher. The world's highest power density UPS power supply products are manufactured by Shenzhen Shante Electronics Co. Sander also took the lead in introducing IGBT power unit and high frequency PWM technology to UPS manufacturers. The performance and stability of UPS are improved fundamentally.
        On-Line UPS (On-Line UPS) operates in a mode of "isolation between power supply and electrical equipment, and power supply will not be directly supplied to electrical equipment", but when UPS is converted to direct current, it is divided into two routes, one for battery charging, the other for AC, power supply to electrical equipment, municipal power supply products. When the quality is unstable or the power is cut off, the battery will be changed from charging to power supply until the city power is restored to normal before returning to charging. "The whole process of UPS using electricity is involved in the whole process." Its advantage is that the output waveform is sinusoidal like the city electricity, and pure noise-free, not affected by the instability of the city electricity. It can be used to supply "inductive load", such as fans, as long as the output power of UPS is sufficient, it can be used to supply any equipment using the city electricity.
        Backup and working principle backup is also called Off-Line UPS. It is only "backup" UPS. The direct power supply equipment of municipal power also charges the battery (Normal Mode). Once the quality of municipal power supply is unstable or power failure, the circuit of municipal power will be cut off automatically, and the DC power of the battery will be converted. Battery Mode, which is supplied by alternating current, will not intervene in the power supply until the power supply is restored to normal. However, the AC power converted from direct current is square wave, which is limited to supply capacitive loads, such as computers and monitors.

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