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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      ARRAY 3A3 Pro 15KVA ~ 150KVA

      • Santak ARRAY series power supply
      • Santak ARRAY series power supply
      • Santak ARRAY series power supply
      • Santak ARRAY series power supply
      • Santak ARRAY series power supply
      Santak ARRAY series power supply  Santak ARRAY series power supply  Santak ARRAY series power supply  Santak ARRAY series power supply  Santak ARRAY series power supply

      Santak ARRAY series power supply

      • Model: ARRAY series cabinet
      • Module power: 15KVA~150KVA
      • Input voltage: 124-300VAC (phase voltage); 214-520VAC (line voltage).
      • Output voltage: 380 * (1 + 1%) VAC
      • Product description: Shenzhen Santak UPS power 3A3 Pro UPS is a new three in three out UPS, using the full control technology, concentrating the most advanced technical achievements in the field of power electronics and a
      • INQUIRY
      Shenzhen Santak UPS power 3A3 Pro UPS is a new three in three out UPS, using the full control technology, concentrating the most advanced technical achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control. It is a milestone in the technology revolution of the UPS industry. The birth of 3A3 Pro UPS has brought new ideas to the power supply scheme of power supply equipment, making the usability of electrical equipment improved. 3A3 Pro UPS is designed with drawer type and high intelligent modular design. It has the function of easy to plug. It can not only satisfy the power output and reliability requirements by adding and reducing the modules in the cabinet, but also can maintain online as long as redundancy allows, and achieve zero maintenance time. 3A3 Pro UPS adopts wireless parallel technology to reduce the probability of single point failure, and the design of reliability is perfect. 3A3 Pro UPS adopts humanized simple operation design and complete remote monitoring function. Users can operate and manage UPS simply and clearly. 3A3 Pro UPS has excellent electrical performance and can provide a safe and effective power supply for various loads.


      Product characteristics:


      Excellent electrical properties

      输入谐波电流低: <5%

      The input harmonic current is low: <5%

      输出电压精度高 :<2%

      The precision of output voltage is high: <2%

      过载能力强 :110~130%的负载可以过载10分钟,130~150%的负载可以过载1分钟

      Overload capacity: 110 to 130% load can overload 10 minutes, 130 to 150% load can overload 1 minutes.


      High charging current: 4.5A (each module)

      支持变频模式 50Hz输入、60Hz输出 或 60Hz输入、50Hz输出

      Support frequency conversion mode 50Hz input, 60Hz output or 60Hz input, 50Hz output.


      Full digital control

      3A3 Pro UPS??椴捎肨I公司目前最先进的DSP做为中央控制器,其强大的运算能力可以将传统UPS中大部分由硬件完成的控制功能全部由软件替代实现,不仅可靠度和精确度大大提高,并且方便升级与维护。

      The 3A3 Pro UPS module uses the most advanced DSP of TI company as the central controller. Its powerful computing power can replace most of the control functions completed by hardware in the traditional UPS, which not only improves the reliability and accuracy greatly, but also facilitates the upgrade and maintenance.


      Intelligent charging mode

      3A3 Pro UPS采用了先进的两段式三阶段充电方法,第一阶段大电流恒流充电,快速回充约90%的电量;第二阶段脉动充电,可以均化电池特性并将电池完全充饱;第三阶段恒压维持,保证电量不损失。这样可以很好的兼顾快速充电与延长电池使用寿命的目标,为用户节省电池开销。

      3A3 Pro UPS uses the advanced two stage three stage charging method, the first stage large current constant current charging, quickly recharging about 90% of the charge; the second stage pulsating charge, can homogenization the battery characteristics and fully fill the battery; the third stage constant pressure maintenance, ensure no loss of electricity. This can take account of the goal of fast charging and prolonging battery life, and save battery cost for users.


      The industry's highest power density

      3A3 Pro UPS一个UPS??樘寤?40×700×131mm(3U),一个标准2米高的UPS机柜最多可以安装10个UPS???,总容量达到150KVA,而且配电盘也含在其中,再配上与UPS机柜一般大小的电池柜,便可组成完整的UPS供电系统。由于UPS机柜和电池柜都采用标准机柜,与大多数机房的负载设备机柜一致,因此可以与负载并排放置而无需专用的UPS配电房,不仅美观而且能为客户最大限度地节省安装空间。

      3A3 Pro UPS a UPS module is 440 x 700 x 131mm (3U), a standard 2 meter high UPS cabinet can install 10 UPS modules at most, with a total capacity of 150KVA, and the distribution plate is also contained in it, and the battery cabinet with the general size of the UPS cabinet can form a complete UPS power supply system. As the UPS cabinet and battery cabinet are all standard cabinet, it is consistent with the load equipment cabinet in most machine rooms, so it can be placed in parallel with the load without special UPS distribution room. It is not only beautiful but also able to save the installation space for the customers to the maximum.


      N + X wireless parallel redundancy


      Using advanced wireless parallel control technology, compared with the wired parallel connection, the single point of fault point is reduced (even if the fault can also work normally in the steady state work), and the reliability is improved.


      Shared batteries

      3A3 Pro UPS采用了双电池输入结构和先进的控制策略,并机系统完全共用同一组电池,大大节省了电池的开销。

      3A3 Pro UPS adopts double battery input structure and advanced control strategy, and the whole system shares the same battery completely, which greatly saves the battery cost.


      Flexible system configuration

      3A3 Pro UPS采用??榛杓萍耙撞灏喂δ?,由UPS???、通讯???、配电盘以及部分选装件再加上机柜组成。UPS??榧巴ㄑ赌?榭稍谙吒欢挥跋炱渌糠值恼9ぷ?,新加入的??椴恍枰魏涡W级骶涂梢约尤胂低?,扩容和维护都非常方便。用户可以根据需要选择不同的??槭乖?5KVA至120KVA之间某一个容量合适的UPS系统,配置非常灵活。对于将来的设备扩容,只需再插入几个UPS???,就可以轻松完成。如果用户首次装机时将开关与电力线留下裕量,以后当负载量的增加时只要再购买UPS??榫涂梢越玌PS的容量扩充,完全避免了传统UPS首次设备投资过大的缺点,真正做到了“边成长边投资”,为用户节省了宝贵的资金。

      3A3 Pro UPS adopts modular design and easy plug-in function. It is composed of UPS module, communication module, switchboard and some optional parts plus cabinet. The UPS module and the communication module can be replaced on line without affecting the normal work of other parts. The new modules can be added to the system without any calibration action, and the expansion and maintenance are very convenient. Users can select different module numbers according to their needs to construct a suitable UPS system between 15KVA and 120KVA, and the configuration is very flexible. For future equipment expansion, only a few UPS modules can be inserted again, so that it can be easily completed. If the user leaves the switch and the power line for the first time, when the load is increased, the capacity of the UPS can be expanded as long as the UPS module is purchased, so it can completely avoid the shortcomings of the traditional UPS first equipment investment, and truly achieve the "side growth side investment" and save the valuable funds for the users.


      Optimal topology of power supply system

      3A3 Pro UPS融合集中式与分散式供电拓扑的优点,从设计上引入了区域供电的理念。如果在一个大的数据机房内分开几个区域,每个区域配置一套或两套(冗余备份)3A3 Pro UPS供电系统,直接放置于该区域负载旁边,通过机柜上的配电盘进行供电。这样,每个区域内是集中供电、集中管理,而区域间是独立开的分散供电,布线也是独立的。3A3 Pro UPS这种供电方式具备分散式的“配置灵活、允许逐步投资,不容易产生大面积瘫痪”的优点,也具备集中式的“易于管理”的优点。

      3A3 Pro UPS combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized power supply topology, and introduces the concept of regional power supply from design. If a few areas are separated in a large data room, each area is configured with one or two sets of redundant (redundant backup) 3A3 Pro UPS power supply system, which is directly placed next to the load of the area and powered by a distribution panel on the cabinet. In this way, centralized power supply and centralized management are centralized in each area, and decentralized power supply between regions is independent, and cabling is also independent. The power supply mode of 3A3 Pro UPS has the advantages of decentralized "flexible configuration, allowing for gradual investment, not easy to produce large area paralysis", and a centralized "easy to manage" advantage.


      Humanized operation interface and perfect power management software


      The parallel system adopts the large screen Chinese LCD as the operation interface, and the operation and information reading are clear at a glance. With the latest version of monitoring software WINPOWER2003, power management becomes easier. If you choose WEBPOWER and SNMP card, you can achieve remote monitoring.


      High system availability


      If UPS is above two redundant UPS modules, the availability of UPS can reach more than 99.999%, and MTBF (mean time to failure) is longer than 15 million hours.


      Minimum shutdown time


      If the number of UPS modules of the fault is less than the number of redundant UPS modules, the UPS module can be replaced online without affecting the work of other modules. In this case, the machine can be stopped.