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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      • Back-up TG-E1000/500 Santak UPS power supply
      Back-up TG-E1000/500 Santak UPS power supply

      Back-up TG-E1000/500 Santak UPS power supply

      • Model: TG-E1000/500
      • Capacity (VA/W): 300W`600W
      • Input voltage: 162V-268V
      • Rated output voltage: 220V
      • Product description: Santak backup UPS power TG-E series UPS--- beautiful and fashionable "equipment patron saint". TG-E1000/E500 UPS is powerful, and integrates wisdom, safety and reliability to enhance the user's experi
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      Santak UPS power supply features:

      智慧守护 从容应对突发断电

      Smart guard to cope with sudden power failure


      When sudden interruption or abnormality occurs, UPS automatically supplies power to guard devices and data security. At the same time, the intelligent "drop" alarm is launched at the same time, and there is no need to worry about the sudden loss of power and cause huge losses.

      顶级、环保材质 优质铸就安全

      Top, environmental protection and high quality cast safety


      The shell uses ABS plastic and high quality environmental protection and high strength flame retardant material, national 3C certified high standard three core power supply line, high precision circuit board design, environmental safety, more reliable quality.

      超宽电压/频率输入 稳定更可靠

      Ultra wide voltage / frequency input stability is more reliable


      The scope of ultra wide voltage / frequency input is easy to cope with the harsh power environment, and the power supply is stable and reliable.

      率先引入PWM技术 小身段,大能量

      Take the lead in introducing PWM technology small body, big energy


      The first introduction of high frequency PWM technology, combined with advanced magnetic components design, smaller size, lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, longer discharge, less heat, the reliability and availability of the whole machine has been greatly improved. It can be used with the generator.

      MCU高速处理器 集成控制更高效

      MCU high speed processor integrated control is more efficient


      Built in MCU powerful real-time processing chip, integrated control of the entire machine operation, efficient, accurate, reliable, flexible, and comprehensively enhance load safety.

      超强防浪涌 轻松应对浪涌破坏

      Ultra strong surge prevention and easy response to surge damage


      Built in high power absorption devices, surge protection, high efficiency filtration of all kinds of power grid interference, easy to cope with lightning, power grid deterioration caused by surging damage.

      贴心的静音设计 还你一个安静的环境

      A quiet, quiet design is a quiet environment.


      Filter and noise reduction isolation technology, lower than 40 decibels in the quiet design (equivalent to the library, reading room environment), and you also a quiet office, life, learning environment.

      纤薄时尚外观 操作简便

      Thin and fashionable appearance is easy to operate


      Simple panel, thin body, small size, simple operation, so that you have a fashionable appearance, save more space, more convenient to use.