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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      • Back-up ET1100/550 Santak UPS power supply
      Back-up ET1100/550 Santak UPS power supply

      Back-up ET1100/550 Santak UPS power supply

      • Model: ET1100/550
      • Capacity (VA/W): 300W~600W
      • Input voltage: 162V~268V
      • ted output voltage: 220V
      • Product description: Santak UPS power ET1100/550 UPS is an automatic and steady voltage intelligent UPS designed for China's electric power environment, with a built-in advanced MCU control unit to effectively solve 5 kin
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      Santak UPS power supply features:

      1. 智能应急 从容应对突发断电

      1. intelligent emergency calmly response to sudden power outage


      Uninterrupted power supply. When the sudden blackout or the city power is abnormal, UPS automatically supplies power to ensure that you have a leisurely storage of computer data, easy to save work documents, calm down the game to exit... There is no need to worry about the sudden loss of power.

      2. 智能内核 MCU高速处理器

      2. intelligent kernel MCU high speed processor


      Built in MCU powerful high-speed processing chip. When starting, the inverter and battery can be self checked to make accurate judgement and improve load safety. When the machine is running, the battery voltage state is always monitored to ensure stable and safe output.

      3. 智能稳压 轻松应对超复杂用电环境

      3. intelligent voltage regulation, easy to cope with ultra complex power consumption environment


      Compatibility of ultra wide input voltage / frequency range, easy to cope with the complex grid environment, under the various input waveforms, can ensure the output voltage stability, and ensure the normal work of the computer and other electrical equipment.

      4. 智能?;? 超强防浪涌

      4. intelligent protection of super strong surge


      Built in high power absorption device, prevent surge protection, filter out all kinds of power grid interference, and easily cope with surge damage caused by lightning and grid deterioration.

      5. 智能降噪 给您一个安静的办公环境

      5. intelligent noise reduction gives you a quiet office environment.


      Integrated high efficiency and low energy consumption components, no fan design, intelligent noise reduction, give you a quiet and comfortable office environment.

      6. 小而美 极简工艺设计

      6. small and beautiful simple process design


      Simple flow linear panel design, ultra light fuselage, compact appearance, saving space and random placement.

      7. 多彩选择

      7. colourful choice


      Beauty of science and technology and fashion of personality


      Specification parameter table: